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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: NytSong 
Date:   04-08-02 09:25

Hi all! My name's Teri and I've been doing this for <drum roll> two weeks! But, it's been a fun two weeks.

Boring stuff - I live and work in Carson City, NV convinving people it is a *good* idea to lose money in casinos. The rest of the time I hang out online, or ride around on my Kawasaki Ninja.

Not so Boring Stuff - Saw a storeclerk doing a couple butterflies with transfers one day and thought, "Hey, that's what they did in Labyrinth!" So, bought me an acrylic and proceeded to learn the Flight Trajectory of an Airborne Sphere. Then stumbled across the actual name of this art from a friend who loves this but hasn't dared to try it. Got my Butterfly under control before finally getting the CJ Vol 1. video. Watch out world, here I come!!

Only trying 1 ball tricks at the moment, my hands aren't limber enough yet for multiball stuff, though palmspinning the Chinese balls came naturally. My father decided he liked the video and went out, buying four rubber kiddie balls.

Hope to get to know all of you better, and hope that more Nevadans will come out of the woodwork so I can get to meet others.

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