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Make a Ball-Stand with a simple piece of rope.
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 Re: New ball
Author: ICU812 
Date:   04-06-02 18:00

Ok, I'm not an expert, but when I received my 4" acrylic, the first words out of my mouth were, "Shizam! That's heavy!". This is only because it's way heavier than a 3". So, a 4" acrylic IS much heavier than a 3" acrylic. Now, this is also true of a 4" glass or crystal ball. The only thing that makes crystal different from glass is that it has a butt-load of lead in it to make it real shiny. The more lead, the shinier it is, the heavier it is. You might be able to take it to a jeweler and they could tell you what it's made of just based on it's refraction or something like that. I personally wouldn't want to drop a crystal ball on anything hard, cause it won't bounce and it won't scuff, it'll probably either break into little pieces or a cloud of dust like in Labyrinth :)


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