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 Re: Quick Profile
Author: Shyft 
Date:   04-02-02 08:08

Name: Steven Rizea
Location: Gainesville Fl, UF

CJ: I started CJing after seeing Ferret's performance at the local Renaissance Festival (I think I've mentioned that at least a dozen times by now) and bought me a pair of 3 inchers. I then proceeded to convince a good portion of my friends that I was determined to kill them (or at least break all their dishes) as I practiced my butterfly. I've just recently managed to get it consistent under the tutelage of Ardell Moree.
I'm mostly into one-ball stuff and butterfly variations atm, with a healthy amout of palmspinning to boot. I've experimented with golf balls, metal spheres, baseballs and marble spheres, but thus far acrylics are my favorite by far.

Non CJ: I got into Devil Sticks a while ago (again, at a Ren Fest), but never managed to get a handle on the single control stick tricks and only play once a week or so now. I game (RPGs anyway) whenever I can, and do a good bit of moutain biking to satisfy my ardrenaline needs until I scrape enough money for my next roller coaster fix ;).

I'm extremely interested in meeting other CJers, and am looking forward to CJC 2002. Both my girlfriend and I plan to be there.

Sorry people, I guess more than Ferret's CJing rubbed off on me ;).

-"The things most people call impossible is just stuff they haven't seen yet"

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