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 Re: springbreak shenanigans
Author: michael glenn 
Date:   03-25-02 17:00

Hello Daniel,

I will often combind performing with teaching. I feel that after seeing a performance people are more likly to try it. So I try to set up a casual 5 minute lesson after a performance and I've passed the hat, I teach 2 or 3 basic moves.

To do this I went to the local craft store and bought a dozen 3" ($2.00 each) wooden spheres, they are a good learning tool and concrete friendly.
Now here's the catch, after the lesson I say that the balls can roll away into their pockets for a $5.00 donation (this way your not selling them!) Often 5 or 10 people will walk away with a sphere and you just recieved an extra $3 from each of those folks, and they are happy beacause they are supporting you, who just shared something with them.
Also my personal goal is to turn as many folks onto the art form, so far I've taught over 2,500 people. It's very rewarding to have someone come up to you many years later and show you their skills and credit you with their inspiration.

Good luck


balls of lightning rolled along...
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