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 Head Rolls - Temple Catches
Author: Kae Verens 
Date:   03-22-02 14:19

In response to a post on rec.juggling relating to Dick Franco's method of learning head rolls, I replied mentioning Ryan's animations here. In response to that post, Dick Franco contacted me with some hints on catching a ball on the temple. Here they are:

If you are having trouble catching it on the temples...I assume you are
tossing it to the temple... you havent learned where the left and right
:"down" position... which can best be learned facing a mirror... placing the
ball on the temple and then lifting the nose and chin... maybe tipping the
head as well to get the ball to "balance" against the ear without rolling
down and over your cheek. Its important to flex the knees too to avoid
stress on the neck and aid with spreading the balance out over your body.
This is the first step... to find both points... left and right... and I
would start with your worst side first to bring it up to the other side.
Once you find these points... still in front of the mirror.... bend quickly
and place the ball at the point... alternating left and right... until you
reach the point without having to correct. From that point... the toss is
all that's important so that the ball reaches the point. Combining this
practice with the actual should all come together so you can
toss the ball to any point of the forehead or temple on the way down and
still be able to reach the bottom point without having to adjust the
balance. Important is a good warm up....flexing the legs.... practice your
bad side first.....and not OVER practicing. Headroll is hard on the neck...
some guys like to isolate the head and not move the body... it looks nice...
but for me... I hope to set the record of being the oldest working
juggler... avoiding injury is the important to reach that goal. Personally,
I like the look of the whole body bending and the legs flexing... on a big
stage it is very visual.
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