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 Re: The Chicken or the Egg?
Author: Lance Coombes 
Date:   03-19-02 19:09

Hmm.... A long, long time ago, in a galaxy that is very close, there was a boy who lived in the middle of nowhere and was very bored. One day, he decided that he'd learn to juggle. So he gathered up some tennis balls and stood over a bed (to avoide having to bend down and pick things up) and taught himself how to juggle.

Time passes.....

The boy found that he like juggling quite a lot and soon had a collection of different balls. He still had no connection with other jugglers and had no idea where he would ever find REAL juggling props, but he had rubber dog balls, tennis balls, golf balls, and countless other random balls. (He also had a 3 foot long machette that he juggled even though it had a tiny little handle and was terribly balanced). He used to carry the golf balls around in his pocket since they were nice and small and didn't take up so much space. He developed a habbit of spinning three golf balls in his hand because he tended to figit a lot.

More time passes.....

The boy moved away from his home in isolation and soon found himself at signups for working at a Rennaisance Faire. He had never been to a Ren Faire and didn't really know what he would do. It turned out, there was a juggling school there and they needed teachers! This was the perfect job! While he was waiting to find out what he would need (costume, accent and such) he saw a guy doing "that Labyrinth thing". He approached him and said... "You are going to teach me that!"

Well, the juggler was a bit grumpy at all the people who he had tried to teach who didn't practice and didn't develop at all and told the boy that he wouldn't teach him. The boy persisted and told the juggler that he must. "Are you going to be working at the juggling school?" asked the juggler.

"Yes" said the boy.

"Alright, I'll teach you the basics" said the juggler. And he did.

Durring the next week, the boy started practicing with a cue ball (one of the non-juggling balls he had collected) and by the time the faire opened he had pretty much mastered all that had been shown to him, in both hands. He had also come up with some new ideas of his own. When he saw the juggler again, the juggler was totally blown away. They soon became good friends and taught each other tons of tricks and gave each other new ideas. The boy bought himself a set of chrome chime balls which he used for a long time.

Even more time passes..... (sheesh! This is too long! Shut up already!)

Two moves and a few years later, the boy was living in Sacramento. A friend of his became very interrested in juggling and the boy started teaching him everything that he could. Soon, they decided to try doing a street show. The boy had some money saved up, so he and his friend drove to San Francisco and went to a juggling store there. The boy spend about $500 and purchased 6 clubs, 3 knives, 3 torches and his first set of 3 inch acrylics. He never looked back. Well, maybe he did. Otherwise, I guess he couldn't have written this long, drawn out answer to a silly question.

In short, I learned cj before I got my acrylics. The chicken came first. ^_^ Sorry for the incredibly long answer. I just haven't seen Ferret around much lately and there haven't been enough long winded posts.

Imagine that there is some clever signature here.
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