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 Re: 4"er
Author: mdamelio 
Date:   03-19-02 00:12

I have a 4"er and I really like it in fact I have 3 of them, I like them that much. For body rolling and Iso's they are excellent, but you will be sore for the first few days using one as it is such a jump in weight. They are also very visual, most people can see what you are doing from a pretty good distance away, you don't look like somebody just waving their arms all over the place. One thing I noticed recently is that in between all my knuckles on the back of my hand I have noticieable bulges for finger muscles, which upon inspection of other peoples hands is actually kinda weird looking. But I know it comes from holding that four inch ball on the tips of my fingers. Anyway I'm done rambling, I recommend a 4 but many people feel they are too heavy so it's a personal choice :-)

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