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 Re: Spaced Palm Spins
Author: Rob 
Date:   03-04-02 15:49

"Oh! and smaller balls! I've never seen it done with 3"

I use 3" Dube stage balls for this, and those are the balls that I originally learnt this trick with. I think that it is definitely important (as Ian says) to learn it using balls that grip each other, as this makes sure that you don't cheat and pick up bad habits by letting them touch for part of the rotation. It feels very different from the normal 3 ball palm spin with the balls touching mainly because you mustn't let there be any inward pressure. Your hand needs to be much more open, with the fingers more spread out, and it helps be comfortable with balancing a ball right out on your fingertips.

I started by just trying to shuffle the balls round really slowly, not worrying too much about them hitting each other at first. You will find that the only way to get "grippy" balls to go round at all is to open out your hand and completely avoid pressing them together. I would not recommend trying to spin the balls really fast so that the centrifugal force keeps them apart - this will lead to a sloppy technique and very little actual control will be developed. As soon as you have managed to shuffle them round a few times, go for as slow a spin as possible, really concentrating on avoiding any collisions, this will let your hand pick up all the subtle movements needed. I just worked on the rotation in stages, not worrying about it being smooth, just trying to go from one point in the spin to another with out any collisions. Just practising this over and over again will eventually lead to a smooth spin, but it takes a _lot_ of practice. It took me about 1 month (practising every day) to be able to occasionally get about 4 or 5 smooth rotations in a row with no collisions, and about another 3 months to make it consistent to the point where I could do it any time I wanted. Even now (about 7 months on) I have bad days where it is not so smooth, and I still practice it every day.

Make sure you practice with both hands from the start, as some of the most fun stuff is the transfers from hand to hand.

I hope some of this helps,

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