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CJC Logo Competition

Rules: design a cool piece of work to go with the convention. It doesn't even have to say CJC2002 in the design - that can be added on. Don't blend colors. Please use hard lines. If you can take a cool pic of your dog balancing a three-incher on a tip of his muzzle, and add a witty statement, that might be enough to get the majority votes. Make the logo large (high DPI). Mail the logo to both and Don't disappear! If you submit something, you have a chance of winning - top three logos each get a prize. If you don't make it to CJC, the prize will have to be sent to you, so stay in contact!

Prizes: 1st place wins full entry to the convention, two nights paid entry to the same cabin everyone else pays for, a "Feast Token" (five meals), and t-shirt. 2nd place gets entry for the weekend, sleeping space, and a t-shirt. 3rd place gets two t-shirts.

Closing date for entries will be July 14, after which the voting will start. No logos will be shown until then. Five logos have been received so far, so there is competition - put your designing hats on.

Anyone that did not receive their t-shirts last year in the post, please send your postal address to Ferret. That's Morg, and K/S, I think.

Only users registered before July can vote in this.

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