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What's this gon'a cost ya?

  • It will be a $30.00 entry fee for the entire weekend (Friday afternoon arrival, to Sunday Noon departure)
  • Day trip plus a bunk-bed (or camp-space if you prefer) for one night will amount to $20.00
  • Day trip without the night $15.00
  • To gain a 'Feast Token' (don't lose it once you buy it, there will be security at this event, good security, and they will be checking) will cost another $20.00

How to preregister:
This is handled through Stefanina's address, to cut down expenses. Please do indicate whether you are tenting or if you need cabin space for each person.
Payment can be made either check or money order payable in US funds. Please make payable to Christina Fowler and send to:

Christina Fowler
1628 NE 17th Place
Gainesville, FL 32609

Christina and Mad Wolf have arranged that you can also pre-order the Official CJC2001 T-Shirt by sending the required amound of money to above adress. Please state the number of T-shirts you want and if somebody else than you is coming to pick it up, then please mention the name of that person. (Cost and look of the T-shirt is mentioned in the last allinea.)

Why should you preregister for the CJC2001?
Unfortunately preregestering won't make the site entry fee cheaper.
Preregistering will asure the first 200 pregegestrants a cabin space to bunk in (Although if you wish to camp you may still do that). And it will tremendously help the organisation of the event. It will be a better estimate that can be handed over to the sponsors and investors, making them smile, and promise more financial support, which in turn will allow for a better convention for You! Remember, the organiser (Ferret) gains nothing! Financial out of this, and any profit goes to a 'Children's Charity'. But if there are more sponsors, cause pre-paid attendance is look'in Sweet, than I get to use that to hire people like Life guards for the pond, D.J.'s that will stay up later than you. Maybe a pyrotechnics display, Saturday night to go with the bond fire. You get the picture.

Why should you pre-register for The Feast?
Baron Siggy and his kitchen crew, (the people that will feed 'Feast Token Holders' though-out the weekend) is a hired crew. Food costs, and their fee to prepare it, has to be covered. The standard rule-of-thumb is to double the amount of pre-reservations, concerning food, and cross your fingers. With that in mind, if only 10 people pre-register for feast, than I'm only gon'a hand over enough food money, to feed 20 people for the weekend. If 70 more people show up at gate and want to pay for feast, the 10 that pre-registered will most assuredly be fed, and the first 10 in line after that. As to the other 60 in line. well you see my point. The food just isn't gon'a be there, cause it was an unexpected turn-out.

Why should you pre-order for The Official CJC2001 T-shirt?
With the T-shirt there is a cost reduction for you! Instead of the normal $15.00 with a pre-order you'll have your own Official CJC2001 T-shirt for only $12.00 . The colour of the shirt will be pitch black with a genuin 'Morgan B' logo design on it's back in white. The front of the T-shirt will not have anything printed on it as to give the wearers a smouth black working area for their contactjuggling. Around the CJC2001 logo the names of our generous sponsors will be printed.