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Welcome to is an open forum for the contact juggling community. It contains articles and videos from some of the most well known contact jugglers in the world. Users may edit, participate, and contribute to just about every page on the site, and all comments are welcome. The site has been archiving the community development since 1999.

Contact Juggling (also known as Dynamic Manipulation, Sphereplay, Orb Rolling, Spherical balancing etc) is a relatively new form of juggling where balls are rolled over the hands and body instead of tossing them in the air. The fundamental ideas of contact juggling were formulated in the early 1980s by physical artist Michael Moschen, although different forms of CJ (as we call it) have been around for quite some time.
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To find other contact juggler near you, check on our page of contact jugglers, please add yourself there if you'd like people to find you.

For your enjoyment here are some RSS feeds of current posts on the forums and the Ministry of Manipulation blog. And some Contact related videos from around the net;

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    5 Recent Videos

    Poppin' Off The Tricks
    A smorgasbord of tricks compiled to Poppin' Off by Watch the Duck. Basically these are all the first clips I shot with my new GoPro thrown into one video. It includes some sweet rafting tricks...
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    Contact Juggling Kelvin Kalvus
    From: lordcece
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    Time: 05:38 More in Pets & Animals
    Mellow In The Meadow Contact Juggling Phaeleh Afterglow feat Soundmouse
    Balle contact #032 / Guimbarde #001 [ contact juggling ]
    Coté balle contact : Juste quelques figures nonchalantes, avant tout prétexte à avoir un peu de matière vidéo pour m'amuser au compositing. Côté vidéo : Se cloner en vidéo, voilà...
    Views: 7
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    Time: 04:49 More in Entertainment
    8. Jack of All Trades - Contact Juggling
    5 year playlist : This was another I was afraid of, but for the opposite reason as diabolo and contact staff. This was...
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    Time: 06:10 More in Entertainment

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