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[edit] Misc “Tricks”

This chapter describes some moves which are not palmspinning, and are not ballrolling, yet have made it into the contact juggling repertoire.

[edit] Elevator

This wonderful move looks fantastic when the body is held as still as possible. Start by holding a ball in the cradle of your left hand. Bring the cradle up to about eye height. Your other hand is directly below it, about waist height, palm up. Drop the ball from the cradle to the palm, without moving the hands or body beyond what is necessary to get the ball moving. That was not the Elevator – that was the reverse of it… Imagine what you have just done was filmed, then reversed. That is the Elevator. Hold a ball in the right palm, about waist height, with the other hand above it, about eye height, cradle up. Using a wave motion, bring the ball forward to the fingers. This wave motion helps you to “whip” the ball upwards with the fingertips so the hand doesn’t move too much – making the ball almost seem to go up of its own accord. The ball goes up so that if the left hand fingers are kept still, the ball would hit the finger tips before falling back. Curl the fingers so the ball goes just above hand height, then straighten the fingers out again. If you get the toss just right, then the ball seems to float upwards and stop right on the hand. The ball should not go any higher than the hand, or you may have trouble catching it and keeping still at the same time. To help with the illusion, you can use your body movement to try bring attention to the top hand, so the audience watches it instead of the left. I like to do a finger-flourish to distract the audience.

Edson’s Enigma Greg’s Grip

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