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New to CJ? Start with buying several balls.

Submitted by: ktesh

Lets face it, you're new, you're gonna drop the ball... If you only have one ball, each and every time that
thing gets away from you, you're gonna have to chase it. If you have several balls, you don't have to chase
it each time you drop.

Once you get good. . . .Break the rules

Submitted by: KS

Once "proper" form has been learned, and you feel comfertable with your basic moves. . . .just break the rules. Go out of the ordinary to explore possible new moves or combinations. There are unlimited possibilities with just the butterfly, by breaking the rule of having it go over the tips of your fingers.

Warm up with a wave

Submitted by: magog

Hands together, ball running from side to side across your upturned fingertips, easy to learn, (watch your fingertips in the mirror), great trick for getting yourself into the right headspace......

Use hand lotion to restore a sparkle to your balls.

Submitted by: ktesh

It's bound to happen sooner or later, your ball is going to get scratched, scuffed, or even a small crack... then
as you practice, they get duller and duller in appearance.

I use hand lotion to restore a sparkle to my balls.

PS: Upscale stores in malls are a great source for free samples of hand lotion... or for you, perfume, and mirrors .

Use a small mesh stuff sack when practicing on public transportation,

Submitted by: ktesh

I ride the bus, and practice CJ. Occasionally I'll drop a ball, and then have to go chasing after it... with the bus in motion. (One driver is ready to have me banned from her bus).

I found that a small mesh stuff sack (found at a outdoor supply store for around $7 US) can keep the balls
from hitting the floor. I just pull the drawstring so that my hand (with a ball in it) cannot slip out, and voila, a
safe way to practice.

The bag also doubles to keep your balls from being loose in your backpack. TIP: How to Practice on Public Transportation.

Balance your muscles

Submitted by: spehar

Be sure to work opposite muscle groups. For example If you're practicing loads of palmspins you ought to work the muscles on the backs of your hands as well with skills that totally engage those muscles. This way you will avoid overworking the palms-- eventually tightening them all up, and underworking the back muscles-- causing them to atrophy

Never agree with them.

Submitted by: KS

So often people will say, "I could never do that" or "I am too uncoordinated to do that". DO NOT AGREE WITH THEM!! Hand them one of your old, beaten up acrylics, and teach them how to hold the ball in the cradle. Tell them that anybody can learn how to Contact Juggle.

Learn from mistakes

Submitted by: KS

Don't just make the same mistakes over and over again, learn each time you fail at some new move. Listen to your body: each muscle records what went wrong at the time of your mistake, and you can learn from it once you learn how. Also, if you have some weird mistake that looks kind of cool, fly with it! Turn a mistake into a new move.

Get a Signature Move

Submitted by: KS

Once you get used to the basics of CJ, get a signature move, a move that just screams. . . .YOU! My signature move is the "Spined" Tandem Butterfly. A signature move is just a nifty little way of making yourself known.

Before CJing, stretch...your ENTIRE body.

Submitted by: zxenor

Nothing is worse than getting a leg cramp in the middle of a CJ routine. Be sure to stretch all of the major muscle groups in your body, and be sure to stretch ALL of your arm, not just your wrist/fingers (even if you only palmspin!).

Both Hands, Both Ways

Submitted by: Ryan

"Remember, if you can only do a trick with one hand, you are literally half the juggler you think you are!"

Make Learning easier. Big to small for rolls. Small to big for spins.

Submitted by: rich

You should always practice with the ball you are going to perform with. Unfortunately it may be very difficult to start out with that ball doing certain tricks. I recomend that you use small balls to spin with then increase the size as you get better. For ball rolls I recommend the opposite. Start with large balls, basketball, then go to smaller balls, mini basketballs. Until one day you can perform with what you practice with.

Nothing is impossible

Submitted by: maxime

Whatever you set your mind ondoing, you will find a way to make it possible. I have seen lots of people saying a simple CJ move is impossible. And as a CJer you sometime get the feeling something is impossible, we have proved on numerous occasions this is not so. If enough effort is put you will find a way.

Stay loose

Submitted by: KS

Even after stretching, ones body may tend to tighten up after a while of Cj'ing (especially when learning new moves). One way to overcome it is to smile, even chuckle as you CJ and it will greatly loosen you up. Act like you are on dope. Maybe even dance a little jig. Best to do when nobody else is around

Constantly be aware of your surroundings.

Submitted by: Shifty

Whenever your preforming, keep in mind that no matter how good you are. Those little gremlin mess ups, can enter your act and cause a ball to take a little unexpected path. Always know what is around you and how far they are in case you need to recover. There isn't any worse feeling than messing up, and hitting the face of the little kid who snuck in close to get a better view, all within the same 10 seconds.

Make a Ball-stand with an old CD

Submitted by: zxenor

That's right, just take any old CD you have lying around, and use the hold in the middle to hold your acrylic. This looks really nice if you have a lot of mini-CDs in an interesting pattern.

Go out and meet other contactjugglers at all costs.

Submitted by: marco

The best information and ideas you get from fellow CJ-ers. As you look to ONE new move he/she created, the your brain will instantly see four other possebiletys out of that one new move. You show those four possebiletys back to the origionator and the possebiletys will expand again with a factor four.

Kneel in front of your bed to learn the butterfly

Submitted by: marco

Learning the butterfly is a hard task, constantly bending over to pick up the ball when it flew away, and flincing each time as you hear the ball bang to (hopefully) the floor. A simple solution is to go and kneel (on both knees) at the side of your bed and practice above the bed.

Get in "The Zone"

Submitted by: Shifty

There is one area of your mind when juggling that is the most productive, and unfortunatly, not many people get there. It's called "The zone". You'll know when you get there, because it will just be you and the ball, 1 on 1, or 1 on 8, depending on your style, but nothing else will matter, and time will fly like rocket.

Make a Ball-Stand with a simple piece of rope.

Submitted by: kverens

place a ball on the ground, and arrange six others of the same size around it in a circle so they are all touching. now tie a rope circle so when it is laid on the balls, it encompasses the tops of all the balls, but is not so loose it can be pushed down over the group. Now place that loop somewhere and arrange the seven balls into it so they are still. Now you can place three on top of those seven, and another one on top

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