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Never stop dreaming

Submitted by: kverens

Moves are created by dreaming of what is thought impossible, then learning to perform them anyway. If you haven't seen a move performed before, it is not proof that it cannot be done! Remember your dreams, practice each part of them, and someday, impress your fellow contact jugglers.

Watch OUT!

Submitted by: MagiKT13

Make sure that when your Cjing to stay on carpets or something soft so if it goes flying it won't bash of anything hard. TRUST ME!!

Film Yourself

Submitted by: HSlacker

if you have a cam-corder laying around, USE IT!
youd be surprised on how much you can learn that way, also, you don't have to worry about messing up, and breaking he mirrior. :-)

Don't get discouraged!

Submitted by: romansky

This is very important. Do not let anyone discourage you. About a month ago, when i started CJing , i carried my little lacross ball with me everywhere, even to school. Since most everyone in my school is rude and ignorant, they called me names such as retard, and dumbass. I wasn't very good yet. Weeks later, they wouldn't stop asking me to do the tricks I learned!!

Mirror with your alternate hand.

Submitted by: rich

Hold the ball on your body with your opposite hand. Then roll the ball around. Over time you will find the ball rolling on it's own with no mirror there. This is a great way to feel the paths and to help learn new paths without fear of a drop. Try Mirroring by using your arms as well instead of your hand. This will lead to some interesting movements.
And P.S. Any ball that is round can be used to CJ. If they are not round then they can be used too, but they make weird patterns. So pick up a ball near you soon.

Just 3 words Myachi Myachi Myachi

Submitted by: rich

Sounds like an ad so I guess it is but the Original Handsack or Myachi has but one simple rule, NO PALM. So it is great for CJers to use to practice control on the back of the hand. Have fun with your friends too, makes a great indoor party game.

Practice Stalls with a Hackey-Sack

Submitted by: Dark5taR

Use a slightly worn hackey-sack ( or footbag ) to practice your stalls. Just toss it from your hand and catch it wherever you want to practice stalling ( i.e. Outside Elbow Stalls - toss up catch on elbow ) the Hackey-Sack doesnt roll very good you usually get a nice "plop" right onto your stall point.

Note: this has only worked for me with Hackey-Sacks containing the small beads.

Buy a large mirror!

Submitted by: monkeyb

Isolations and palm spinning will def benefit from practicing in front of a mirror - it's a good way to stop bad habits forming. It is also good becuase it gets you out of the habit of looking down at your hands.

100 % Silk, accept no substitutes!

Submitted by: arron

Natural fiber materials make the best types of contact juggling clothing, for practice wear or performing costumes.

One of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear, when CJing, is my 100% pure Silk, long-sleeve undershirt. The Silk surface of the shirt produces perfect control over an acryllic ball, enabling me roll and stall the ball with great precision. Finally a Silk undershirt is both warm in cold weather, when practicing outdoors, and dries quickly when hand washed.

100% Silk, accept no substitutes!

Change up weights: for beginners...for everyone

Submitted by: mysfit

I've found the it's best to start out with a heavy ball to get the movement and then to change to a light ball for speed. When you go back to a heavier ball your movements will be much smoother.

Yet another stand

Submitted by: Hiemdall

For those of you who like clay, you can take a slab to a potters wheel and make one. then you take fabrics of any type and connect it to the wheel after with glue. Or, if you have no access to a kiln, buy some self drying clay for about 5 bucks. clay after it is glazed will not scratch your acrylic.

Watch your acylics around computers

Submitted by: Hiemdall

If your new, dont practice while surfing the net. I was practicing around my computer and accidentally bashed the keyboard at least twelve times

Cool Off

Submitted by: Hiemdall

try to cool off every now and then if youre starting a new move.just take a deep breath and relax. then you can go back to it. this helps to prevent accidental flying acrylics

Chinese meditation balls

Submitted by: cuathebt

Ever tried CJ w/ Chinese meditation balls? Talk about soothing....giling, gillliiing, gilling

Find the "Focus" of a move

Submitted by: Kai_Loi

When I'm learning a new move I always look for the focus point that makes the move much easier to nail. For example I origionally couldn't get outside elbow to cradle rolls. Then I found that if I shifted what I was concentrating on from "throwing the ball up onto my arm" to "sending the ball to my cradle" and ignoring everything in between then the move became a breeze. Sometimes focusing on the destination and letting your brain "fill in the blanks" rather than concentrating feircly on the ball can bring a move together. Try it!

Balance and Breathing

Submitted by: EZ_Pyro5

In order to achieve any sort of balance with the c-ball, i have found that breathing is essential. Irregular breaths will cause the ball to be unstable. By regulating your breathing, all the muscles that are involved in the balance get trained to support it. I have been cjing for 4 weeks and I can balance a 3 incher on the tips of the index and middle finger for about a min. Put it there with a prayer and remove sideways the non-balancing hand. IT FEELS REALLY GOOD

Another Acrylic Holder

Submitted by: tarsonet

Ya know those little triple stands that come in some pizza boxes? Take it. Wash it. Flip it over. Put something under one and you can have a nice 3 ball pyramid.

a good why to stop smokking!!!

Submitted by: O-CHAN

the time that i srart cj i stop smokking cigrat and the cj realy hlpe me becose whan i fill to tack acigart i tack my contact ball and breaking my kreeze !!!

Learn to play the piano

Submitted by: BallZac

The results of a study published in new scientist showed that soccer players who also played the piano had no less ball control with their preferred foot, and more ball control with their other foot, than players who did not play the piano. No doubt this transference of ambidexterity applies to contact juggling too.

Wooden Balls are good

Submitted by: Jomma

I recently recieved three wooden balls for christmas. My Dad had gotten them at a nearby arts and crafts store. I find them ideal for palm spinning becuase they are smooth and resilient to damage. Although the wooden balls are only 2 1/2 inches and are a bit on the light side, they make a good alternative to the acrylics if you can't afford them or want to practice palm spinning in on the run.

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