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2012-03-11T11:45:27-05:00 <![CDATA[Online Contests • Re: Youtube Next Up Brazil - would you help me?]]> I did it!
I'm one of the winners!

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So I may not be able to post a video next week as I'm selling my phone tomorrow (which has been my camera)
I included some extra footage in this week just for the fun of it, sorry if it runs long.

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Oh wait it's judged this year so Vulcan isn't guaranteed to take the top four spots ;) Wellllllll my tutorial will still be badass... so watch out.

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Prize information was just announced. Check it out! There's a *lot* of really great stuff for the top 10 videos this year. ...and for the winner of the people's choice award! ... test-2012/

Good luck!

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I'll have a video up for you guys this week!

I just wanted to share some things I've noticed about this week's move.

-The cradle-elbow transfer seems to be the crucial transition to focus on; if it doesn't land in control on that stall point, it's going to be much harder to control as it starts down your arm.

-Try not to catch or cup the ball as it gets to your hand, it kind of breaks the flow of the move.

-You want your hand to remain level as the ball approaches, which means you want to keep your arms near-level as it you drop it off the elbow stall point and along your forearm. It keeps your speed down, so you don't bobble the ball when it lands in your palm.

Have fun, be sure to share thoughts about the growing routine!

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Ohhhh, I was excited to see some style come out this week. You guys are getting more comfortable with the routine. :D

This week's winner is: zenoth! With what I'll just put on our growing list as inside arm roll.

As you can see, Zenoth submitted an inside armroll with a windshield wiper to transition to the other arm. If this is new to you, one of the most challenging things to get past is relying on the momentum to get the ball from place to place. Finding that invisible path on your arm takes awhile so it's okay to fumble for a good while. I know I probably sound like a broken record every week about not relying on momentum. If you start at point A and you need to get to point B, solely relying on momentum to get between spots will speed up the ball more than necessary. When that happens, it makes it extra difficult to regain control at point B. A good amount of people playing this year already get this concept. At this point of having a little more experience, its a great chance to check in with yourself. Do you remember what it felt like when first trying arm rolls? How are your arm rolls? Are there spots you could still work on to gain more control to make them even more smooth? Sometimes its easy to just go on automatic if you have been doing something awhile. Taking a moment to look at details again can instantly make you learn a lot about how you do things now.

So now we have broken into arm roll territory. That doesn't mean that is all you have to submit though! In fact, there is an assignment for next week's submission.

For next week's submission the challenge is to submit a stall! Now, how you get to that stall is part of the submission too. Whatever move you like into whatever stall. Feel free to get creative! Just make sure it's not over-the-top difficult.

You have between now and next Tuesday (March 13) to submit your next entry. Your video should include:
1. Palmspin
2. Ratchet
3. Rotating Claw Iso
4. 20 Finger Roll
5. Finger Flurry Iso Variation
6. Vertical Spiral Halfpipe
7. Inside Arm Rolls
8. Your submission for what move you'd like to come next (some kind of move into some kind of stall)

You guys rock!!! :D

PS- Zenoth...I actually watched your video the first couple of times without music. Then when I was about to submit this, I always watch them all one last time. The song you happen to use in your submission is one that I've been practicing to a lot because I have to do a hoop performance to it at the end of the month. I'm hearing that song in my sleep now. lol Crazy how quick this song got picked up on facebook! A great one.

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Man almost as sloppy as last week and filmed at home with poor light and almost out of focus!
But a lot of fun, I really like that spiral!

And I followed up with some arm roll loop variations!
<3 ewe awl.

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Here's my video, I just followed my trick with some basic arm rolls. Also threw in Zenoth's next "assignment" at the end. :twisted:


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