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This page is dedicated to proving Lorcan wrong about the idea that the bible is somehow a coded book of predictions... Don't get me wrong - he's a great guy, but he has some weird ideas...

The Bible Code

The bible code is a "code" that some people supposedly found in the bible that predicts the future. The way they do it is to take every nth letter from the bible (ignoring punctuation), place it in an array x by (number of letters in the bible)/x. Then, you look in this array for familiar words and names, like a wordsearch game. If you find a word, you look around it for other words that might have to do with it. If you find them, there's your "prediction".

The way Lorcan tried to prove this to me was to take the name "Hitler" and the place "Auschwitz" and tell me that they couldn't have turned up near each other coincidentally. I intend to prove that it could have happened coincidentally.

The maths for "hitler"

First of all, we need to know the number of letters in the bible. The thing has to be done in Hebrew, according to Lorcan, but I think it can be done in any other language. I guess that there are 10,000,000 letters in the bible (in the English language).
l=10,000,000 where l is the number of letters in the bible.

Then, let's find the chance of the word "hitler" turning up in any group of six random numbers. There are 26 letters in the English language, thus the chance of finding "hitler" written horizontally in a random grid of letters is 1/26 to the 6th power (six letters in "hitler").
c1=1/(266), therefore c1=1/308,895,576.

The bible code, though, gets it's words from all directions - forward, backward, up, down, and the four diagonal directions, so we multiply the answer by 8.
c1=8/308,895,576, or c1=1/38,611,947

The chance above is that "hitler" will turn up when we start from any particular letter. If we take l and multiply it by c, we find that there is approximately a 1 in 4 chance that the word "hitler" will turn up in any grid of 10,000,000 letters.

The maths for "auschwitz"

This is done in the same way. First, we get the chance of the word "auschwitz" turning up in a straight line of randomly chosen letters:
c2=1/(269), or c2=1/5,428,997,243,776

Then, we multiply this by 8 to find the chance of it happening in any of 8 directions:
c2=8/5,428,997,243,776, or c2=1/678,624,655,472

Then we multiply this by l:
c2=10,000,000/678,624,655,472, or about c2=1/70,000 (rounded up for ease of calculation).

The chance of them both appearing in the same grid

The chance of both c1 and c2 appearing in the same grid is the multiple of them both:
c3=1/4*70,000, or c3=1/280,000

Seems pretty impossible, doesn't it, and that's what the guys who believe this code will tell you - but wait... how many possible grids are there?

How many possible grids are there?

First of all, we find out how many initial arrays there are. Remember how I said that the guys take every nth letter to get the initial letter? There are 10,000,000 possible ns.

Then, we find out how many possible ways that an array of 10,000,000 letters can be fit into a grid. This, again, is 10,000,000:
If we take the array "kaerules", which has 8 letters, we find the possible grids are:

    k       ka      kae     kaer    kaeru   kaerul  kaerule kaerules
    a       er      rul     ules    les     es      s
    e       ul      es                                   
    r       es

8 letters=8 grids.

So, the amount of possible grids is 10,000,000*10,000,000, or 100,000,000,000,000

This means that, in a book which is 10,000,000 letters long, the chance of both "hitler" and "auschwitz" turning up in the same grid permutation is:
100,000,000,000,000/280,000, or 377,142,857/1

This means that out of 377,142,857 different books with a length of 10,000,000 letters, you will find one which doesn't have the words "hitler" and "auschwitz" together in the same grid in it.

Furthermore, Hebrew has less letters, which makes the words turning up even more likely. Also, the words are often much shorter (compare "Jehovah" with "YHWH"), which makes it even more likely again.

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