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Author: Matthew Olsen
This move I developed while working on a five ball palmspin. The two hands are held side by side, one hand is the controlling hand, the other is the guide hand. The controlling hand moves the balls along using the fingers to roll the balls up to the thumb, and the thumb pushes the balls to the guide hand. The guide hand doesn't grip the balls, but just guides the balls around to the other hand, the thumb takes almost no part. Another tip for this move is that with large balls there is a tendency for the controlling hand to move forward and back slightly to help keep the balls together. The bottom portion of the stack must be kept in an even square, or else you'll loose control of the top ball.
Author: kverens
very nice - and difficult, too!
Author: KS
Hey I'm trying to get a 10-ball/2 pyramid type spin, and you look like a guy who could help! It's 10 balls (two 5-ball stacks) that is spun as one using both hands. Got any ideas?
Author: juggledo
Well, I do two onehanded five ball stacks, just like your basic eight ball pattern. There is a flat ten pattern that is oval shape with two balls in the center that don't move, while the other balls rotate around them, but I haven't found the right size ball for that pattern, even 2 1/2" seem a bit big to me.
Author: kverens

There is a pattern that I've seen Ian use - start with six balls in both hand - one line of three in front, and another behind. Now rotate them (pull one ball back at one end, and push one forward at the other). This can be expanded to 8 balls by placing two balls on top of teh six balls.

It can then be extended, I'm sure, to 11 balls by having four balls in front, four balls behind, and three on top, in the middle... hmm... must try it

Author: juggledo
Sounds interesting, but I'll need a better explanation to figure it out, because I can't quite picture what it looks like.
Author: ferret
It's in video section Ian's 6ball avi. I saw it and loved it so I've been using his technique with four, for months now. Added it to part of my routine, after Chico helped me with a few pointers, haven't got six yet, but I'm smooth'in out the five ball work. Which reminds me Matthew, Very Nice Work. I like the name as well!