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Curly Backwards Prayer

Image contributed bymarco
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Author: kverens
Taken from Marco\'s text:

The following is a fragment form message #915 from the Yahoo CJ-Club, describing the above shown move. Underneath the text, I have added some remarks of my own.

Please don\'t mind the sloppiness of executing this move. I\'m in a rush to pack my stuff for an away weekend but could not leave you here wondering about this move till next week. Add the fact that I also just learned (and had already forgotten) this move two weeks ago on the EJC2000.

Step 1 :

Butterfly the ball to the outside then stop when the ball is in your palm. With a graceful movement (I leave this move to your imagination/personal style), bring your right hand under the left hand (I\'ll assume you butterflied to the left side, don\'t ask me why). Your right hand must me palm down. You must be in a position where the left hand is holding the ball in the palm while the right hand is underneath, palm down, both back of hands touching each others. So are the wrists in fact. Your right arm should have crossed in front of the left (ie : the left wrist is closer to you).

Step 2 :

Bring both hands toward the center of your body while turning the left hand horizontally so it\'s pointing toward the right side now. The hands positions haven\'t changed. You should end up with : left hand holding the ball in the palm, fingers pointing to the right side. Right hand, palm down, under the left hand, fingers pointing to the left.

Step 3:

While keeping both back of the hand touching each other, continue the turning movement of the left hand (of step 2) so both hands are now pointing downward. You\'ll have to make the right hand turn a bit too to get into the position. Needless to say that you need to grab the ball at that point or your feet gonna hurt for a while. :-) Both wrist touch, just like the back of the hands.

Step 4:

Finish the turning move so you now have the right hand palm up and the left hand (still holding the ball) palm down. (mirror image of end of step 2 but the hands have switched position).

Step 5:

Continue the turning movement in the same direction while bringing the both hands toward the left side of the body. If you do it well, you should end up like the end of step 1 BUT with your right hand now closer to you than your left (the crossing of the hands has been inverted by the \'curly bits\'). The ball haven\'t switched hand during the whole move.

From there, do a \'backward prayer\' toward the right side and tada!!... You\'re in the position to do exactly the same from the right side.

First I butterfly to the right, but I start with my wrists crossed, both hands palm down. (This I do simply because I lack the imagination to find a nice way to bring my left hand under the right hand (back of the hand touching back of the other hand))

Then comes the curly bit, which is described quite nicely above. But make sure that, as soon as you twist the one hand down in between your outer arm and your body, you hold the ball with a thumb hold.

Try to make the twisting move in one vertical line in front of your chest. So that the ball moves from a low plane to a higher one.

Author: scottp
Lovely! this is worth spending some time on.
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