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the Spiral

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Author: kverens
This move, and some variations, is described in the forum under "Around The World. Lance calls this "Around The World", but I think "Spiral" is probably a better description, as "Around The World" is used by a lot of people to describe different moves.
Author: Artemis
Hey its me again can someone please explain in the text i don't understand WHAT he is doing, let alone HOW he is doing it. Thanx, Artemis
Author: kverens

It's like an abbreviated version of a "fore-arm roll to back-arm roll".

start with a ball in your palm. roll the ball halfway up the forearm. twist the arm so the ball is now on the back of the arm. roll the ball up to the cradle. butterfly into the palm.

it's easier to move the ball from the forearm to the back of the arm if you give the ball some "lift", so you're partly throwing the ball up and moving the arm underneath it.

A harder move, but similar, is to try this - start from the cradle, roll the ball partly down the back-arm. twist the arm underneath so the ball is on the forearm. roll to palm. butterfly to cradle.

The move just described looks good if (assuming you're using the right hand) you start with the ball on the left side of the chest, then end up with the ball on the right.

Author: klas
The "lift" that Kae mentions is very important for you to be able to do this trick. You can quite clearly see how Lance gives the balls some extra push before doing the "twist" of his arm. He starts by rolling the ball down the arm and at the same time lowering his arm. Near the end of the move the ball is at a much higher position. Most of the force that moves the ball up is applied before he starts twisting his arm. Also note that the ball falls from the top position before he have it under "full control" again. So for learning the trick, roll the ball down your arm (or put in balance on the arm) and try to throw i high in the air. Then you can do this, try to "twist" your arm underneath the ball. Depending on how high you throw the ball, your hand will circle the ball. And finally try to do it while keeping full contact with the ball all the time. It's not easy and Lance has a nice smooth way of doing it that will take most of us plenty of time to perfect. (At that time i guess that Lance will have it even more perfect...) And as has been pointed out. Be carefull, this trick involves some quick movement with the arm, that could send the ball away in just about any direction. Don't practice near other people or breakable things.
Author: Artemis
Thanx I see it is almost the same as kverens move back arm to forearm roll and I will definitly be practicing
Author: lcoombes
Kae, you are close, but not quite right. The ball rolls halfway up the forearm. Then, I twist my arm so the ball is on the back of my arm. I roll it up toward the cradle, but it never makes it. Before it gets there, I rotate my arm again and roll the ball over the pinky side of my hand, into my palm. I do not roll it over the fingertips in a "butterfly" type move at all. And klas, you are correct. Be careful when practicing this move. This is the only move I have ever messed up and hit somebody. >_< Klonked them right on the back of the head! Talk about a horrible guilty feeling!
Author: Artemis
I see what you are saying and thanx I have been practicing this all wrong and will try to correct.
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