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Author: kverens

The circle feels good. That\'s my reason for liking it so much. It also looks good, which is your audiences reason for liking it.

Every move in it leads naturally into the next.

Start with the ball in the right cradle. Butterfly it into the palm. Palm-palm pass to the left. Butterfly the left into the left cradle. Back-back pass into the right cradle. Repeat a few times.

This can be moved into the staircase, the palm-palm circles, the palm-palm butterfly, the back-back butterfly. In fact, the circle can be used as an intermediate for almost all oneball tricks.

Author: lcoombes
For those who incorporate a lot of body motion into their contact juggling, this trick looks great if you start it low and repeat it while moving your hands upward. It creates a bit of a floating effect.
Author: juggledo
You can also stretch this move out in various ways, I like raising the recieving hand of the back to back transfer up a bit higher as it's butterflied to the palm to palm, which it's then lowered as it decends into the palm to palm. It extends the time of the butterfy making the path of the ball in the one hand seem alot slower. I know this isn't the best of explanations, but it's a subtle difference and hard to explain. It's kind of like in three ball toss juggling, where you stretch the boundaries by juggling in a cascade and trying to juggle the same pattern in as many different ways as you can by widening, speeding up, and slowing down the pattern etc.
Author: boinkers
when you transfer the ball using the back to back transfer try rolling the ball on your arm. It looks cool.
Author: Sidivan
On the Back to Back transfer, if you transfer about 1/2 ways down your arm and move the transferring arm in the direction you want the ball to go, you can isolate the ball at the bottom of the circle. This gives the a ball a kind of pause before it starts it's next circle. Makes it look like the ball is deciding if it wants to go again.
Author: tahognom
I find that I use my forearms a bit anyway, because it makes it easier to form a larger circle. I will work from tiniest circle I can, to the largest and back.