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Forearm Chestroll

Image contributed bykverens
Image uploaded2000-10-02
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Author: kverens

This trick is used by a lot of ball-spinners and toss jugglers. What makes it more difficult for us is the size of the ball... if you are learning this from scratch, I recommend you first learn it with a soccer ball or basketball, then work your way down to an acrylic.

When the ball reaches the first shoulder, try nudging it slightly in the direction of the second. This will help you keep up the momentum needed to stay on the same height so the ball doesn\'t just drop from the chest to the elbow without going near the second shoulder.

You\'ll find it easier to do the chest roll if you lean back. This creates a more flat area for the ball to travel along.

Surprisingly, you will find it smoother to roll from your bad hand to your good hand, because the hardest part is rolling from the chest to the receiving hand.

Author: slight
Ok, so I am new to this, and I have been thinking about this, as I grew up in the 80's and this clip helps, "You can add poping and locking and body waves to CJ'ing, think about that for a moment!!!"
Author: KS
BTW, where is tha clip from?
Author: kverens
it's not from anything - I just dragged my computer over towards the back door and filmed it while standing outside.
Author: Artemis
A true hard-core CJer LOL
Author: yoghurt
it has a very funky change-over though... ;)
Author: Xynosis
I have seen it dont millions of times, but not as beautiful as that. In case you didnt know folks, he has been doing this for 8 years, kudos kverens!
Author: ljane
I have been contact juggling for roughly 21 years and that is a pretty sweet chest roll kverens. Chest rolls are easier if you do them on the back of your arm as it is a flatter piece for the ball to move on. For an arm roll to look that good on the front of your arm, kverens you have talent!
Author: ian
21 years! wow, so whats your story? how'd you get your start so long ago?
Author: ljane
I was in the right place at the right time. I know someone who has been doing it longer than I and he was the one who taught me that it was possible. I then pushed myself to find new "tricks" and other people who could do this amazing skill. I was waiting for a long time for the people part, but not so long for the "tricks"!! I now do shows up and down England. I still feel that there is so much more to learn about contact juggling. Its like the never ending story, if you get what I mean.