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1b Pilf Regnif

Image contributed bykverens
Image uploaded2001-08-23
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Last Edit2001-08-25
Author: kverens
This is one of my favourite flourishes - it doesn't look all that great, but it feels fantastic
Author: ferret
I love this move and it sets you up for a 'knife edge' arm roll to an inside elbow stall. An impressive move to another CJ'er, although the 'knife edge' is just another trick to a non- CJ'er *G*. Glad you posted that one up Kae, Nicely done!
Author: Shifty
Gee, don't thank me for givin him the idea to post it:)
Author: KS
Speaking of which, Kae, when are you going to post some of those GIFs I sent you? I got some more moves coming! BTW, I dig the feel of this move!
Author: ferret
Sorry Shifty. Didn't Know
Author: Shifty
KS. the move to which you call the "Flytrap" is actully the open handed Prayer pass described in J.E book.
Author: KS
Yeah, on page 38, in quotation marks it says "flytrap". This is just such a kickin' pass that didn't have an animation yet.
Author: zxenor
Ah! Finally someone else that knows this move...this is by far my favorite flourish (well, not this exactly, but this move is part of it). What I do as my signature flourish is simply this "Pilf Regrif" followed into a three-finger "tripod" hold. When done correctly, you get a little circular motion and the ball sort of floats around your hand. Thanks for the vid Kae!
Author: pestis
Also note that finger flourishes can be turned into very cool looking isolations. I like especially much to do a figure eight around my middle finger and thumb, but isolated. Thumb is little harder than middle finger.
Author: 8lorq8
doing this on the pinky side of your fist is much fun, too. it's a lot harder. i'm not quite proficient, but the potential is apparent.