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back2back walk away

back2back walk away
Image contributed byMatthew
Image uploaded2001-07-18
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Author: Matthew Olsen
This is nothing more than repeated back to back rolls in a plane breaking position in front of you. I use the three finger cradle for this one, because it gives more control. The ball is transferred smoothly from hand to hand, there should be no jarring motion at all. This can either be done as an isolation as shown in the clip, or as a true 'walk away' where the ball leads and you follow.
Author: ferret
As Matthew, Very Effectively, demonstrates here, this is a ‘Body rolling style, Isolation’ (and you palm-spinners thought you had ‘dibs’ on Iso’s) sorry Not True.**G** Matt does some excellent footage here, and you want to be able to Isolate the ball in space from all angles. Even if you are front and center stage, your viewing audience will see things from different angles, and performing in ‘The Round’ will require you to concentrate on the move, in 3 dimensions, while performing it. Very Nice Mr Olsen!
Author: juggledo
As far as palmspin isolations vs. body rolling isolations, I've found that audiences really like the bodyrolling isolations moreso than many palmrolling palmspins. I think this is because the bodyrolling isolations are easier to see and comprehend what's happening, when with a number of different palmspinning isolations the higher number of balls can obscure the view of the isolation, and unless the isolation is really good, it may take people a moment or so to realize what they're seeing. Though I use plenty of both in my routines.
Author: juggledo
Also, this isolation can be done in different positions with little adjustment of how the ball rolls on your hands. A nice isolation that can be done infront of the body and is a nice visible move, is to isolate the ball while doing a back to back transfer followed by a fingertip transfer from hand to hand. It looks pretty and can be easily used to go to and from other butterfly type moves. Lots o' fun.