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1b Head Catch

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
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3b Flying Butterfly
1b Spiral
1b Foot catch
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1b Inner Elbow Hold to Outer Elbow Hold
default image: kverens 2001-07-11
kverens: start off with a larger ball to learn the balance, and gradually work your way down to something small. I started with a novelty big tennis ball - about 6 inches diameter. When I hold a ball steady on my forehead, I'm leaning back, and I have the muscles of the forehead scrunched up a bit (raise your eyebrows) to create a bit of "padding" to help keep the ball still. Don't try this with an acrylic until you are confident with a tennis ball or something equally safe. ...also - keep your eyes on the ball


Practice, practice, practice
2003-06-29 23:54:34 by jensenj

My eyebrow/forehead anatomy just didn't seem right for this trick, but really it is more a matter of balance than of having a conveniently-shaped receptacle there. Still it is sure to be easier for some than for others.

re: Practice, practice, practice
2003-06-30 07:36:59 by kverens

I agree - my head is weirdly shaped, because of numerous accidents as a child (I was very active). I believe some people would find this much easier than others.

re: Practice, practice, practice
2003-06-30 07:38:06 by kverens

hehe - nice t-shirt, Kae - why, thank you, Kae

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