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1b Arm Roll passes

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
4b Vertical Isolation
1b 2h Fist Isolation (1b Gregs Grip)
1b Palm to Inner Elbow Hold
1b Arm Roll passes
1b Arm Roll passeslogin to adjust
1b Various Fist Holds
1b Elbow-Elbow pass
1b Spined Butterfly
4b Snake
default image: MadCaps 2001-04-20
shindle: for those who know cloud hands, a tai chi movement, this move can be done in the style of cloud hands by letting the free arm drop down and circle away from the body , back up an dround to meet the ball. ie both arms make continuous circles from th elbow.does that make sense?


2002-09-25 18:39:20 by durbs


2002-09-25 18:39:49 by durbs


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