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1b Thumb-Thumb pass

balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Melting Butterfly
4b Propellor
2b Orbital Isolation
1b Barrel Roll
1b Thumb-Thumb passlogin to adjust
1b Butterfly
1b Windshieldwiper
2b Palmspin
default image: kverens 2001-03-11
Shadow: This move is quite simple but very cool looking. When i first started to practice this trick, i realized a lot of flaws in my technique. Here are some tips to pull this off smoothly: 1. Start off by learning the thumb hold (which of course you should know unless youre dead...) After that get the motion down. Now start to transfer the ball like the movie. 2. This tip is the key to pullijng off an awesome effect of the ball floating on the bottom of your hand.... OK this is kinda hard to explain of look at your hand while i tell you this (the hand you use most for CJ) Ok look at your hand plam toward you, now if you dont have "fat hands", you should be able to distinguish a sort of knuckle on the base of your pinky (just as the finger becomes the plam, there are also other "bumps" like this at the base of your other fingers.) This is the spot you want to thumb hold the ball, I found that this spot being touched by the ball should completely hide you thumb, and keep the ball forward so as the audience sees it. 3. Next, make sure your hand stays flat and doesnt look bent on the top. and try to keep it parallel to your chest and other arm. 4. Last, make sure you get the pass down good enough to go kinda fast, it looks pretty kool if you can control it while moving at a faster speed.


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