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8b Loading an 8-stack

balls used: 8
difficulty (harder to easier):
2b Upsidedown Isolated Palmspin
3b Outward Cascade
2b No Thumb Palmspin
1b Twisting Butterfly Palm-Palm pass
8b Loading an 8-stacklogin to adjust
2b Curl
1b Isolation
3b Mills Mess w/ Cradle
default image: marco 2000-12-14
marco: First put a 4stack (aka. a pyramid) on one hand. Place a 5th ball in the palm of the hand holding the pyramid (the four balls on the palm of the hand are now arranged like the flatdiamond, with the 5th ball on top of three of the palm balls.) Take the three more balls in the other hand and pinky-lift the one nearest to the other hand. Place the 5th ball from the other hand on top, right after the pinky-lift. (of course the pinky-lift is optional, but I think it looks nicer that way.)


2003-04-08 00:18:21 by LostboY

Sometimes when I'm feeling lazy, I'll put one ball under my chin (against my chest) and then load one hand, pick up the other three balls (opposite hand) and then put the fourth on from my chin....

Does't look pretty...but is quick when practicing... :)

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