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1b Butterfly

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
2b Orbital Isolation
1b Barrel Roll
1b Thumb-Thumb pass
1b Butterfly
1b Butterflylogin to adjust
1b Windshieldwiper
2b Palmspin
1b Vertical Half Butterfly
1b Elevator
default image: kverens 2000-09-27
kverens: Start by holding the ball in the "cradle" - in my case that means the back of the hand, between the index and middle fingers. Some people lower the middle finger and hold between the index and ring. The arm should be parallel with your chest. "Throw" the ball in an arc that ends with your hand palm-up, and the arm perpendicular to the chest. The hand should follow the ball's arc so it is always in contact (otherwise it wouldn't be "contact" juggling *g*). Try it a few times without worrying about the "contact" bit. Then throw lower until the ball is always touching the hand along the arc. Now "throw" the ball back again. Make sure not to let your fingers curl, or the ball will be be caught in the curl and it won't go over the fingertips. If you follow those instructions correctly, you should have what looks like an arc, stopping on either endpoint, and returning through the same path. To make the movement smoother, swoop the ball as it reaches its endpoints. My usual way of doing the movement is to visualize a figure eight on its side, and try get the ball to follow its curves. Before trying the butterfly, you should learn the Windshieldwiper - it is basically the same move, but the windshieldwiper is done in a semi-circular fashion, while the butterfly is done with a figure eight motion. The Windshieldwiper has two endpoints - places where the ball stops moving then starts moving in the opposite direction. the Butterfly, though, has no endpoints. The movement is smooth all around.


wow !!
2003-04-28 01:17:24 by argus

wow !!
2003-04-28 01:18:23 by argus

awesome now im gonna have to learn

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