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5b Diamond

balls used: 5
difficulty (harder to easier):
2b Ratchet
3b Palmspin w/ Line
3b Isolated Planebreak Palmspin II
2b Back-Back butterfly
5b Diamondlogin to adjust
2b Elbow Catch
3b Orbital Isolation
3b Palm-Palm Palmspin
3b Thumb Cascade
default image: marco 2000-10-12
marco: As with the four ball stack this looks flashing with a fast spinning glitter-ball on the top. Of course there is a problem in getting the fifth ball on top of the stack while you hold the propeller with both hands.The solution I thought up (though I ca not yet do it smoothly enough) is as followed: Show the propeller first. Then hold the propeller in one hand as you pick the fifth ball from the ground and place it on your wrists while grabbing the propeller with both hands again.Roll the ball between both arms towards your elbows (this is to give your hands some time to get the correct propeller position and to create some time between the picking up and using the ball in the next pattern) Hold the propeller so that you have a three ball horizontal platform if you look at it from the top and then roll the ball between the arms on top of this platform. Now open up the front balls, the fifth ball will slide in between and as you move your arms in a vertical position you close the stack and push the fifth ball in the top position.
juggledo: This is how I get into it. I go into this from doing palmspins with five altogether. I roll three into the right hand, then do a pinkylift transfer of one of the balls from the left into the right, making a four ball stack. I continue to rotate the front face of the stack, and then position my left hand to the side of the stack, with the fifth ball at the fingertips of the left hand. Then in one motion, I lever the stack into the vertical position necessary for the trick to work, and then lever the fifth ball on top.


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