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5b Crossover

[image]balls used: 5
difficulty (harder to easier):
5b Crossover
4b Twist
4b Palmspin Tumble
6b Dual Palmspins
5b Crossoverlogin to adjust
3b Palm Shower
1b Double Cradle Hold
1b Armroll to Shoulder Hold
7b Line Stack
default image: kverens 2000-10-12
kverens: The motions of this move are pretty obvious. I try to get an extra turn from the two ball hand before the three ball hand passes to it.
juggledo: This and many other moves like it have a slightly different texture to them if done with spins in the opposite direction. You can also do a similar cascade with even numbers by passing two balls across at a time, also giving a different texture to this type of move. Then the fun part becomes blending them together into a nice little set.


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