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4b Propellor

balls used: 4
1b Pilf Regnifharder99.68
1b BackArm Rollharder99.68
3b plane-break palmspinharder99.62
2b Back to Front Armrollharder99.62
4b Propellorlogin to adjust 99.60
2b Circleeasier99.60
2b Symmetric Butterflyeasier99.60
3b Pinky Lifteasier99.60
3b Thumb Lifteasier99.60
default image: marco 2000-10-10
ian: You hold four balls in a pyramid configuration in both hands and use your fingers to spin the front three balls. Using the ball in the back at the intersection of the palms as the pivoting point.


2002-03-06 17:02:04 by arron

Ian, thanks for using the mirror, now I understand how this trick works!

2002-03-06 17:56:33 by kverens

That was Marco

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