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1b Palmspin

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Windshieldwiper w/ Back-Palm Pass
1b Tossed Back-Back Butterfly
1b BackArm Roll to FrontArm Roll
1b Palmspin
1b Palmspinlogin to adjust
1b Wringing the towel
2b Folding
1b Through the body
1b Windshieldwiper holding Elbow
default image: kverens 2000-10-02
kverens: Place one ball in a hand. Try to roll it around as if it were one of a pair in a 2-ball palm-spin. Clockwise in the left, or anti-clockwise in the right. Try to get as big a circle as possible with as little as possible motion from your hands. Try pass from hand to hand. You can make a figure-eight pattern without any problem by passing continuously from hand to hand. Learn to do it in both hands at the same time.


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