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4b Flat Diamond Palmspin

balls used: 4
difficulty (harder to easier):
3b Palmspin with Escape
3b Reverse Cascade
1b Praying Stall
8b Line Stack
4b Flat Diamond Palmspinlogin to adjust
2b Genie Roll
3b Ratchet
1b Forearm Chestroll
default image: kverens 2000-10-10
kverens: This palmspin is kind of tricky. The best advice I can give, I think, is just to concentrate on keeping the central balls together - the balls on the outsides are relatively simple to keep attached to the pattern.


That's Cheating!
2002-07-13 19:52:07 by stile

Here now, you're not even using acryllics! The move is trickier with larger balls, but all you really have to do is change which ones are in the middle. When doing this with 2.5 balls, I just bring the outside ones in when they get to the edges of my hands, and it makes it look very nice if you change smoothly and keep them going.

re: That's Cheating!
2002-07-15 16:58:37 by kverens

The point of this move, though, is to keep the same shape throughout (keep the same 2 in the middle) - thus the small balls - I suppose I could possibly do it with 2.5s, though... I'll have a practice at home.

re: That's Cheating!
2003-05-26 19:19:19 by Anathema

Are those bao ding balls you're using?

re: That's Cheating!
2003-05-27 06:14:39 by Shifty


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