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3b Reverse Cascade

balls used: 3
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Temple to Jowel Stall
3b Thumblift Isolation combo
1b Temple to Forhead Stall
1b back2back walk away
3b Reverse Cascadelogin to adjust
3b Palmspin with Escape
5b Propellor
2b Flying Butterfly
default image: kverens 2000-10-07
pestis: Two little variations taken from toss juggling: our beloved Mills Mess and Erics Extension. I will try to explain the way I do palmspinning Mills Mess, Erics Extension goes just one step further. Start with two balls in your right hand over your left. Two balls in right hand lined so that the other is in the front of the other. One ball in left hand. 1) Palmspin righthand 180 clockwise. 2) Insert the frontmost ball in right hand to the front of the ball in the left hand. 3) Uncross hands and palmspin left hand 180 clockwise. 4) Insert the frontmost ball in left hand to the front of the ball in the right hand. 5) Cross left over right and palmspin right hand 180 clockwise. 5) Insert the frontmost ball in the right hand to the front of the ball in the left hand. 6) Goto step 1, but this time replace "left" <-> "right", and "clockwise" -> "anti clockwise" And oh, in Erics extension you cross twice to each direction (i.e. right hand goes over the left hand, around it and comes back from the underside of it). Try finding the toss juggling description to get a better picture. One more variation: try doing one-handed cascade. I can do it with 2.5"s, but I have a rather small hand so it is probably possible also with 2.75"s. The important part is to keep the three balls from collapsing into the standard triangle formation. And it seems to be possible to do without touching, but this is really, really hard. Ok, it is not THAT hard but it takes a little practice.


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