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1b Elevator

balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Windshieldwiper
2b Palmspin
1b Vertical Half Butterfly
1b Elevator
1b Elevatorlogin to adjust
1b Wave
1b Palm-Palm Butterfly
1b 2 hand crossed up isolation
1b Caterpillar
default image: kverens 2000-10-02
kverens: This is an interesting effect... If you take the animation, and run it backwards, it looks just the same.
juggledo: One of the ways that I use to make the illusion of the ball floating up to the hand, is to reduce the amount of movement of the tossing hand. I do this by using some wrist action and a little flick of the fingers to get a good toss with as little visible of the motion of the hand as possible. And of course as nicely illustrated here, the receiving hand shouldn't move much at all, just a little movement of the fingers as the ball is caught at the top of the arc.


2002-04-19 18:54:16 by lcoombes


re: test
2002-04-19 19:01:10 by Shifty

Re test of a test

new topic...
2002-04-22 05:12:32 by remy

He makes that look really easy
2002-08-15 08:23:37 by nuaetius

But it is a hard trick to get the aim with the throw just right...

re: He makes that look really easy
2002-09-26 09:52:58 by reed

If it is any conulation, once the ball is on my palm up right hand at waist level I pause for a moment. Look at the spectators to get their eye contact,raise my left hand to shoulder level then snap my fingers and open the left hand palm down to recieve the ball as you are doing. What this does is create midirection allowing the spectators to never see an action of the hand holding the ball. It is like a card sleight if you can create an impossibility on the off beat you have created a miracle.

Just a suggestion
2002-10-14 19:51:14 by durbs

This move gets a huge WOW from people whenever I do it. Unfortunately I can take no credit as I poached (borrowed?) the move out of Shifty's CJC movie. The only difference being, to set the trick up mime the catching hand pulling an elastic cord upwards. When it stops at the right height then you throw the ball. If you can get you rhand and ball speed the same it looks very effective. Just my 2p....

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