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5b Thumblift Cascade

[image]balls used: 5
difficulty (harder to easier):
6b Line Shuffle
3b propellor isolation
3b PalmSpin Walk
3b Mesh w/ Arm Catch
5b Thumblift Cascadelogin to adjust
3b Mesh w/ Arm Catch
3b PalmSpin Walk
3b propellor isolation
6b Line Shuffle
default image: Shifty 2003-09-12
Kae has this version of the cascade posted with pinky lifts, just figured I'd add the thumbs in there as well


2003-09-12 09:12:29 by monkeyb

Like it!
Nice pattern

2003-09-12 20:50:33 by kverens

funny how I didn't record this at the time... I guess it never occurred to me! I'm sure I must have done it a few times, though!

Smooth when isolated
2003-09-26 03:43:29 by iannai

I like to do this one yet isolated, so you can use a colored ball and follow the one ball going up and over two isolated balls.

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