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4b Stack Flip

[image]balls used: 4
difficulty (harder to easier):
6b Line Shuffle
3b propellor isolation
3b PalmSpin Walk
3b Mesh w/ Arm Catch
4b Stack Fliplogin to adjust
3b Mesh w/ Arm Catch
3b PalmSpin Walk
3b propellor isolation
6b Line Shuffle
default image: 2003-09-10
Compliments of CJC, I know the animation is a bit fast, that is to try and keep the size small. The basic movements of this move is up and around. Move up to give the top ball inertia, and around it while its hanging in mid air.


2003-09-11 14:04:14 by juggler

1 thing to say : YOU ARE FAST MAN

re: whohaaa
2003-09-11 21:42:23 by chicken

g'damn. Niiice.

re: whohaaa
2003-09-15 16:26:28 by ferret

Wait a minute….I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to come up with this but…….. I showed this to Shifty at CJC03, I came up with it because I had difficulty doing a 4-ball stack curl. Shifty informed me that he had seen Michael G and Greg M doing these at CJC02. It does however take a good deal of rotary cuff movement.
Remember, the human eye moves faster than a camera, and this is a Great move for breaking your audience out of their quiet meditation, when the time is right.


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