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4b Straight Stack Transfer

balls used: 4
difficulty (harder to easier):
6b Line Shuffle
3b propellor isolation
3b PalmSpin Walk
3b Mesh w/ Arm Catch
4b Straight Stack Transferlogin to adjust
3b Mesh w/ Arm Catch
3b PalmSpin Walk
3b propellor isolation
6b Line Shuffle
default image: rich 2003-01-22
Encoded by Rich for Ian. Full clip at in the gallery. It is in mov but is a much smaller file. mov is Quicktime. Ian you should say something about this move.


right to left floatover transfer
2003-01-22 21:35:42 by iannai

I find when I do this trick it's best to be spinning from thumb to index, however I am working on a isolation, both top ball iso. transfer and one of the bottom balls iso tranfer.I think of this move as planting one inbetween my hands and pushing from the furthest back ball.

re: right to left floatover transfer
2003-01-23 11:37:32 by ian

i thought you were talking to me for a second there, rich g

i do this move back and forth, isolating the location of the rotating 4 stack. the ball isolations sound pretty cool, iannai, post em up when you can.

Hey other Ian
2003-01-24 15:27:08 by iannai

Hey other Ian, if you read this- I heard you also live in southern california, and was wondering if you ever wanna get togeather and share some thoughts, and maybe practice a one or two multi-person tricks..

New posts! new posts!
2003-03-05 06:34:59 by spehar

Nice-- new stuff! I've been dormant for a while. While it's still a very experimental move that I've been fidding with, you can actually reverse this move and pass backwards, crossing the receiving hand under the passing hand. (thumb to thumb, rather than pinky to pinky-- effing hard as can be and really only impressive to us ball freaks) Try it but don't ask me to show you. Like I said-- EXPERIMENTAL

nice move
2003-05-19 22:49:05 by muchi

i love the way u smoothly pass the whole stack

nice floating effect
2003-05-23 14:12:52 by iannai

Thanks muchi, I am almost ready to post my isolated version- that is as soon as I get to the other computer.

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