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3b Butterfly

balls used: 3
difficulty (harder to easier):
5b Crossover
4b Twist
4b Palmspin Tumble
6b Dual Palmspins
3b Butterflylogin to adjust
3b Palm Shower
1b Double Cradle Hold
1b Armroll to Shoulder Hold
7b Line Stack
default image: rich 2003-01-22
Converted by Rich. Ian doing a 3 Ball Butterfly. 2 balls are on the back of the hand. Had to delete some of Ian showing that so that the file would be smaller. has orginal mov file.


I love it!
2003-01-23 12:22:35 by klas

Really great move, I've been trying this in the past with no success, it would fit very well into some of my other stuff, must try this a bit more now when I know it's possible.

re: I love it!
2003-01-23 15:57:57 by mdamelio

so is this iannai or is Ian the machine Ian?

Thanks, its iannai
2003-01-23 16:35:46 by iannai

check out for my 2b butterfly with no clutch, its really what I had to learn first, however it was a long process of learning where to have them to start with,and then the throw or actual movement was learned pretty quick.Right now I am working on doing a touchless back of the hand spin. Of course with out the clutch underneath I need my thumb for spinning them on the back- at least at the moment I do....

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