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4b Pyramid Drop

[image]balls used: 4
difficulty (harder to easier):
5b Crossover
4b Twist
4b Palmspin Tumble
6b Dual Palmspins
4b Pyramid Droplogin to adjust
3b Palm Shower
1b Double Cradle Hold
1b Armroll to Shoulder Hold
7b Line Stack
default image: Shifty 2002-09-19
Shown to me by Greg Maldonado at CJC


2002-09-19 03:49:14 by kap

That is so cool. Wonder what made Greg come up with that one?

quick history
2002-09-22 23:56:55 by silver

shown to greg by silver, shown to silver about 10 yrs ago by a guy called rob shown to him by someone now forgotten.......

Great Combo moves
2002-09-28 00:04:51 by rich

4 ball line drop to the 4 ball pyramid drop. Very cool Combo

re: Great Combo moves
2002-09-30 18:35:17 by silver

i like that thought rich!

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