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1b Front to Back armroll

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
3b Mills Mess w/ Cradle
1b Finger Flip
1b Back-Arm Genie Roll
2b Back to Front Armroll
1b Front to Back armrolllogin to adjust
2b Symmetric Butterfly
3b Pinky Lift
3b Palmspin
3b Rockabye
default image: Shifty 2002-09-04
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A Comment from me.
2002-09-05 00:11:37 by ferret

This really is not that difficult. I cover it in lesson 9 and 10. learn to do it both ways as well (as in a back to front.) Remember that any time you get the ball off ur hand and onto another body part, you will impress the layman audience that much more. This is an easy way to do that.


2002-09-10 23:12:30 by jking

i wanna see this sucker iso'd. Ya think u could do it Shifty?

re: iso
2002-09-11 03:30:30 by zxenor

looks like he's not too far from it in this version...but what i want to know: what kind of acrylic is that? it looks like a glitter mountain dew...

re: iso
2002-09-11 04:16:03 by Shifty

Regular Mt.Dew man, just the camera quality isnt too good.....

re: iso
2002-09-24 11:33:48 by reed

Out of curiosity is this a move you claim to be your own?

re: iso
2002-09-24 14:28:07 by Shifty


re: iso
2003-11-01 22:52:06 by suzy

A glittery mountain dew... they should make those. Or any shade of glittery green... purple... blue... I'd buy them.

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