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1b 2 hand crossed up isolation

balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Elevator
1b Wave
1b Palm-Palm Butterfly
1b 2 hand crossed up isolation
1b 2 hand crossed up isolation login to adjust
1b Caterpillar
default image: silver 2002-08-10
No description yet


2002-08-18 23:39:36 by deafmnky

Very nice n' smooth. I was just wondering...does that have to be an isolation. or can you just make it a line so something?

re: Great
2002-08-19 02:06:29 by silver

suck it and see.............

re: Great
2002-10-24 03:17:12 by ans_sin

I'm dumb :-p Could you please post a description on how to do this? thanks

re: Great
2002-10-24 03:52:36 by zxenor

start with right over left, acrylic in right

1. roll into left hand...
2. move right hand right of left hand...
3. roll into right hand...
4. cross left hand over right hand
5. roll into left hand...
6. roll back to right hand...etc...

2003-04-18 00:55:54 by Hiemdall

very imressive!

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