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1b Front to Back Line roll

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
6b Line Shuffle
3b propellor isolation
3b PalmSpin Walk
3b Mesh w/ Arm Catch
1b Front to Back Line rolllogin to adjust
3b Mesh w/ Arm Catch
3b PalmSpin Walk
3b propellor isolation
6b Line Shuffle
default image: Shifty 2002-07-23
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2002-07-23 15:46:13 by Roo

i actually find that going the other way (back to front) is much easier...

2002-07-23 22:49:32 by Ryan

Hey Shifty! I can tell from your last two posts that you just met Greg and Remy!

re: Ha!
2002-07-24 21:32:36 by pirkwein

the other way IS much easyer ! But of course you learn both ways with both arms !

re: Ha!
2002-07-25 00:04:03 by silver

and then do it with 2, looks awesome, clip soon!

re: Ha!
2002-07-25 10:48:35 by pirkwein

both arms work, but not together yet, i keep on working !

2002-09-10 23:07:47 by jking

i can't do this. It's hard as mess to me.

2003-05-21 22:53:03 by muchi

what knid of ball r u using??

2003-05-22 16:36:14 by Shifty

4" dube stage

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