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4b Pyramid Body Roll

balls used: 4
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Inner Elbow Hold to Outer Elbow Hold
2b Palm-Palm Transfer with Cage
1b Iso. Backarm Roll Passes
1b Backarm Chestroll
4b Pyramid Body Rolllogin to adjust
1b BackHand Roll
1b Finger Roll
7b Line Shuffle
default image: rich 2002-07-09
This is a video shot and submitted by Rich Shumaker for Michael Glenn. As Always blame Rich for the Camera work and praise Michael for the move.


One of the best moves that i've ever seen
2002-07-09 04:38:48 by jk_cjer

i am praising michael and patting rich on the back:-)

chicken's CJN(for the "object" ball):
L[P(stack) ~ E(i)] < R[Cr(3) ~ E(i) ~ Sh] < L[Sh ~ E(o) ~ Cr(3) ~ P] < R[P(stack)]

with a watch on!
with a stack!
transferring a stack!

great job(you too rich) :-)

for your next trick...
2002-07-10 01:08:10 by Roo

hey michael,
can you spin those other three balls while rolling the forth?

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