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1b Around The Neck Roll

balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):

2b Asynchronous Armrolls
1b pirouette neck roll
1b Around The Neck Roll
1b Around The Neck Rolllogin to adjust
4b Elbow Hold to 4 Stack
4b Rotating Columns
1b Top of the head to Forhead Stall
6b Planebreak Diamond
default image: rich 2002-07-09
This is a Gif animation of Michael Glenn. It was submitted by Rich Shumaker because he held the camera. Complain about camera work to Rich and praise the roll by talking to Michael. Hope you enjoy it.


Nice Move
2002-07-09 03:56:45 by mdamelio

Great move Michael, I like it.

2002-07-09 04:18:31 by ICU812

Very sweet Michael! I'd like to take a moment and brag that I've seen him do it in person :)

great move!
2002-07-09 04:50:34 by jk_cjer


L[Cr(3) ~ E(o) ~ Sh] < R[Sh ~ Nk] < L[Nk ~ E(o) ~ Cr(3) ~ Tr(123)]

re: great move!
2002-07-09 04:51:19 by jk_cjer


L[Cr(3) ~ E(o) ~ Sh] < R[Sh ~ Nk] < L[Nk ~ Sh ~ E(o) ~ Cr(3) ~ Tr(123)]

so sweet.
2002-07-09 20:05:32 by spehar

I quit. :)

re: so sweet.
2002-07-11 21:40:22 by ferret

Yes, Robin, sickening isn't it?
I love the sign in the background and wonder which is the ball.
The Kid or the Parent.

Amazing Michael!!!

not what i expected!
2002-07-11 22:44:07 by silver

i'm so glad i looked at this, cos i thought it was a bog standard hand to hand neck roll, ah well time to practice, nice one!

re: not what i expected!
2003-03-01 00:40:14 by HSlacker

whoa! 8-o

2003-04-12 03:44:12 by Hiemdall

amazing. the four inch is amazing

re: 4"?
2003-04-12 03:44:59 by Hiemdall

keep it up. gasp really, really, awesome

re: 4"?
2003-05-10 04:11:39 by mathias

thats grimpin' hehe

2003-08-05 07:34:34 by yaga

Really this guys is fuckin good, I'll need a lto of practice to do this moove hehehehehe ...

2003-09-16 10:58:41 by mathetes

I made the mistake of showing this trick to a guy that I work with first. Now he anything I do won't top it. People don't seeem as impressed by my spinning tricks as they are by rolling tricks. Oh well...[goes back to learning butterfly and smoothing out his fruit palm-spin]

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