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1b Through the body

balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b BackArm Roll to FrontArm Roll
1b Palmspin
1b Wringing the towel
2b Folding
1b Through the bodylogin to adjust
1b Windshieldwiper holding Elbow
1b Palm-Back Butterfly
1b Flytrap Butterfly
default image: silver 2002-06-15
More of a sleight than a move, but still looks good. Works very well to break up the middle of a routine.


2002-06-17 02:15:24 by Roo

how do you get this move to work so well? (in other words, how do you do it effectivly)

re: erp
2002-06-17 17:53:27 by pirkwein

you need huge hands to do it with a four inch right ?

re: erp
2002-06-17 20:33:18 by chicken

Although I do not own a 4 ball I am guessing you probably do need larger than usual hands to cover it so effectively
As for how Silver did this move so well he turned his head in the direction where the ball should be going (he follows his empty hand) Then he looks down at the ball when it is fully magically reappeared

2002-06-18 16:12:11 by Roo

that could be it, although ive seen it done without the head turn

2002-06-18 16:28:52 by Roo

i guess my main question is: how do you know if you are doing it or not?

re: hmm
2002-06-18 17:17:20 by mdamelio

Use a family member or girlfriend or something, and a mirror. That's usually how I do it.

re: hmm
2002-06-20 16:23:54 by pirkwein

Or maybe the ball really goes trough silvers body ?...

re: hmm
2002-07-29 07:55:12 by juggledo

This is a good little illusion to do in a routine. The head turn as you watch the 'ball' being moved behind the back is an important peice of misdirection that helps hide and flashing of the ball. Which silver does very well here. A step by step of this move for those that aren't sure is to simply rest the ball in a fist hold or loose grip where your hand is partly open. The other hand reaches to take the ball, and momentarily screens the veiw of the ball. As you pretend to grab the ball (make sure it looks like you have a large ball in your hand) the ball is actually dropped or rolled into the palm of your hand, holding the ball against the body. Then simply pretend to put the ball behind your back, and produce the ball at the front of your body. Be sure to use good miming here so the audience understands that the ball is penetrating the body and not just reapearing.

re: hmm
2002-07-29 08:00:28 by juggledo

Oh, one more thing, you may want to use a ball small enough to be concealed behind your hand for this to fool the whole audience, as you may see, upon close observation there is a flash of the ball as it is being palmed. The black shirt helps to make it less obvious, but that little flash may distract from the illusion for alot of people. Not to entirely discourage using large balls for the trick, as we see in the clip it can obviously be done well.

Lighting and shirt color
2002-08-07 02:34:03 by icu812

I think lighting and shirt color will make a huge difference. If you're wearing a black shirt then it'll be easy to conceal, especially if you push it into your shirt. Notice that there is a good deal of light on the ball before the move is performed. So taking it out of light makes it "disappear". Just something to keep in mind. Don't try this with a white ball and a black shirt, or a black ball and a white shirt.

re: Lighting and shirt color
2002-08-09 22:09:08 by silver tell carinelli then.........

re: Lighting and shirt color
2002-12-18 19:57:05 by Ringer

actually its called a french drop, its usually used as a coin sleight, but if you follow the hand with your eyes where you want them to look, you could do this move with a bowling ball... let alone a clear acrylic

re: Lighting and shirt color
2003-07-19 23:37:48 by tgeneen

pretty simple move to be honest,but real beautifull in the simplicity.pretty easy to pick up.

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