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1b pirouette neck roll

[image] balls used: 1
1b pirouette neck rolllogin to adjust 109.32
3b Palmspin with Escapeeasier106.25
2b Asynchronous Armrollseasier106.13
4b Elbow Hop to Stackeasier106.06
default image: silver 2002-06-14
A behind the neck roll with a twist(well a spin actually) Get the shape of your body right(practising lots of chest rolls and neck rolls) and pirouette neatly whilst leaving the ball where it is!


2002-06-15 02:39:14 by zxenor

oh i know what everyone has been talking about...that thing is just *beautiful*...lovely work...

credit where its due
2002-06-16 19:54:03 by silver

this is daniel doing the move, i just did the computer trickery!silver

re: credit where its due
2002-06-17 20:33:48 by chicken

Just unbelievable Bravo Daniel

re: credit where its due
2002-06-18 10:27:53 by kverens

I've been trying this since last week - damnit... makes me think maybe Daniel has been using strings, like David Bowie did in that film... *g*

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