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1b Wringing the towel

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Tossed Back-Back Butterfly
1b BackArm Roll to FrontArm Roll
1b Palmspin
1b Wringing the towel
1b Wringing the towellogin to adjust
2b Folding
1b Through the body
1b Windshieldwiper holding Elbow
1b Palm-Back Butterfly
default image: Shifty 2002-06-11
The isolation Daniel Kerr did in his routine and he calls -Wringing the towel-


Very cool
2002-06-17 20:39:33 by chicken

This is one of the first isolations that I learned by myself. Then I saw Daniel do it in his routine, drats! Thought I had something original there. Ah well. Still a great move.

sweet move, I like this variation a little more
2002-06-19 22:49:51 by iannai

yeah when I saw greg do this, way before I ever started cjing it was great however I found a variation of this move if I hold my hands oppisite and rotate them in transition, it is pretty cool

2002-07-13 20:15:54 by stile

Do you use that shirt to practice isolations? I've seen you in other pictures with that smiley face in an isolated crystal.

re: Smiley
2002-07-13 20:33:06 by Shifty

yeah, I do actually. The bright shirt, and big face make it real easy to tell if the ball is being isolated or not.

re: iannai
2003-07-19 20:44:23 by tgeneen

i agree with iannai on this,i find if you rotate your hands its almost easier,but either way its a cool trick

re: iannai
2003-10-15 21:55:33 by suzy

Are there any special instructions on how to do this? I just can't get it down!

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