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2b Back-Back butterfly

[image]balls used: 2
difficulty (harder to easier):
2b Ratchet
3b Palmspin w/ Line
3b Isolated Planebreak Palmspin II
2b Back-Back butterfly
2b Back-Back butterflylogin to adjust
2b Elbow Catch
3b Orbital Isolation
3b Palm-Palm Palmspin
3b Thumb Cascade
default image: kverens 2000-10-06
marco: Take two balls, one in the palm of each hand. Butterfly one of the hands,while making the butterfly motion with the other hand (holding that ball with the thumb hold). Back to back pass and butterfly out. You are now holding two balls in the palm of one hand, keep the thumb hold on the one ball! Butterfly and back2back pass again. Now you are back in the start position of two balls, one in the palm of each hand. Repeat the above but now start with the other hand.
kverens: You can do a "bastardized" (Ferrets word) version of this with three balls just as simply. Hold two balls in the right hand, and one in the left. Butterfly both hands, thumbholding one ball in each hand. This allows one ball to go into the right cradle. Back-Back pass., and butterfly both arms back to palm position. As you are settling, palm-spin the left hand balls through half a spin. Repeat the same movements going back. The palm spin makes sure it is a different ball passing every time. Try it with different coloured balls, and you will see it easier.
Artemis: I have also found that you can create an interesting effect by, instead of making the pass where there is a ball in each hand and then going back to respected cradles before making the second pass where both balls are in the same hand. Try making the first pass and then thumb holding the ball as you immediatly make the second pass(so then you have one ball in the cradle and one ball under the cradle in a thumb hold), then simply butterfly the cradled ball so the ball rest together and your ready to do the proccess backwards or go in to a 2 ball circle or what-not.


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