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4b Line w/ 1 Isolated

[image] balls used: 4
3b Orbital Isolationharder100.40
2b Palm-Back Tossing Transferharder100.40
6b Dual Palmspinsharder100.40
4b Palm Showerharder100.40
4b Line w/ 1 Isolatedlogin to adjust 100.40
3b palmspin w/ lineupeasier100.38
2b mineshaft tosseasier100.38
2b Colour Changeeasier100.08
3b Reverse Cascadeeasier100.08
default image: Shifty 2002-06-10
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2002-06-10 13:36:01 by kverens

I like this kind of move - I wish I could get my own as smooth as this. Well done, Shifty.

re: smooth
2002-06-17 20:42:16 by chicken

I agree, this is really well done Shifty.

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